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Cancer Diagnosis Program
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Last Updated: 02/03/21

Office of the Associate Director (OAD)

The Associate Director is responsible for providing the vision and direction for the Cancer Diagnosis Program.

Her office provides:

  • Coordination of major initiatives within the program, division and institute
  • Administrative, logistical and technical support for the activities of four branches
  • Program analyst support for the grants activities of the program
  • Program specialist support to assist the branches with activities requiring scientific expertise
  • Statistical support for scientific projects
  • Bioethics support for scientific projects
  • Contract support for diagnostics development (e.g., Molecular Characterization Laboratory at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • Liaison with the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis and other offices of the NCI

More information on the Biometric Research Branch can be found here.

OAD Staff

Name Position Primary Email Phone
Lyndsay Harris, M.D. Associate Director (240) 276-6327
Tracy Lively, Ph.D. Deputy Associate Director (240) 276-5944
Ramona Saunders-Smith Administrative Support (240) 276-6505
Carol Weil, J.D. Program Director (240) 276-5975
Aniruddha Ganguly, Ph.D. Program Director (240) 276-5905
Sherry X. Yang, M.D., Ph.D. Program Director (240) 760-7147
Laura Yee, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-5654
Ana Best, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-7808
Zhiwei Zhang, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-6025
P. Mickey Williams, Ph.D. (Contractor) Leidos Molecular Characterization Laboratory at FNLCR Director (240) 276-6000 *2364
Chris Karlovich, Ph.D. (Contractor) Leidos Molecular Characterization Laboratory at FNLCR Associate Director (301) 228-4655
Melissa McKay-Daily, Ph.D. (Contractor) Scientific Program Manager (240) 276-7051
Radim Moravec, Ph.D. (Contractor) Program Manager (240) 276-6486
Rebecca Yobouet, M.S. (Contractor) Scientific Project Manager (240) 276-7542
Audrey Kyei-Baffour, M.S. (Contractor) Scientific Project Manager (240) 276-5310
Claire Hildebrandt (Contractor) Scientific Program Analyst (240) 276-6766