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Cancer Diagnosis Program
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Last Updated: 03/01/22

Office of the Associate Director (OAD)

The Associate Director is responsible for providing the vision and direction for the Cancer Diagnosis Program.

Her office provides:

  • Coordination of major initiatives within the program, division and institute
  • Administrative, logistical and technical support for the activities of four branches
  • Program analyst support for the grants activities of the program
  • Program specialist support to assist the branches with activities requiring scientific expertise
  • Statistical support for scientific projects, including those led by the Biometric Research Program
  • Bioethics support for scientific projects
  • Contract support for diagnostics development (e.g., Molecular Characterization Laboratory at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  • Liaison with the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis and other offices of the NCI

OAD Staff

Name Position Primary Email Phone
Lyndsay Harris, M.D. Associate Director (240) 276-6327
Tracy Lively, Ph.D. Deputy Associate Director (240) 276-5944
Ramona Saunders-Smith Administrative Support (240) 276-6505
Aniruddha Ganguly, Ph.D. Program Director (240) 276-5905
Sherry X. Yang, M.D., Ph.D. Program Director (240) 760-7147
Laura Yee, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-5654
Ana Best, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-7808
Zhiwei Zhang, Ph.D. BRP Biostatistical Support (240) 276-6025
P. Mickey Williams, Ph.D. (Contractor) Leidos Molecular Characterization Laboratory at FNLCR Director (240) 276-6000 *2364
Chris Karlovich, Ph.D. (Contractor) Leidos Molecular Characterization Laboratory at FNLCR Associate Director (301) 228-4655
Melissa McKay-Daily, Ph.D. (Contractor) Scientific Program Manager (240) 276-7051
Radim Moravec, Ph.D. (Contractor) Program Manager (240) 276-6486
Rebecca Yobouet, M.S. (Contractor) Scientific Project Manager (240) 276-7542
Audrey Kyei-Baffour, M.S. (Contractor) Scientific Project Manager (240) 276-5310
Anne Westbrook, Ph.D. Program Specialist (240) 276-5486
Claire Hildebrandt (Contractor) Scientific Program Analyst (240) 276-6766
John Davis, M.S. (Contractor) Scientific Program Manager (240) 276-6505