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Last Updated: 07/21/14

Tawnya McKee, Ph.D.

Program Director

Tawnya McKee received her BA in Biology/Chemistry from Point Loma College and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry with Prof. Chris Ireland at the University of Utah.   After a postdoctoral fellowship at the NCI, she joined the Laboratory of Drug Discovery and Development at the NCI.  In 2013, she left the Molecular Targets Laboratory in the NCI intramural program to join CDP.  As a Program Director in the Diagnostic Biomarkers and Technology Branch of CDP, she manages a grant portfolio related to prostate, kidney, bladder and thyroid biomarkers, drugs and delivery systems and proteomics.  She also serves as a CADP project liaison, CTEP reviewer for urology LOIs, Concepts and Protocols, and as a BRC LOI reviewer.