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Last Updated: 04/23/21

Kelly Bonner Engel, Ph.D.

Lead Curator for the Biospecimen Research Database

Dr. Kelly B. Engel is the Lead Curator of the Biospecimen Research Database, an online database containing literature and SOPs in the field of Biospecimen Science. She has co-authored several primary and review papers evaluating potential impacts of preanalytical biospecimen handling on downstream molecular, proteomic, and immunological endpoints. She and other members of BBRB are developing the NCI Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices document series, which are evidence-based and expert-vetted procedural guidelines on biospecimen collection, processing, and storage. Dr. Engel earned a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University with an emphasis on Physiology, Endocrinology, and Reproduction and a B.S. degree from Florida Institute of Technology.