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Cancer Diagnosis Program
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Last Updated: 04/23/21

Sumana Mukherjee Dey, Ph.D.

Program Director

Dr. Dey’s major focus is to facilitate the development of markers and validation of innovative in vitro diagnostics to improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients. Her current role in Diagnostics Evaluation Branch is to foster research into in-vitro diagnostics as prognostic markers to improve tumor classification and predictive markers to improve response to therapy. She is also responsible for the scientific oversight of a portfolio of investigator-initiated research grants, and involved in the reviews of the correlative science aspects of protocols for NCI’s clinical trials program. She oversees and manages cooperative agreement grants for the Cancer Diagnosis Program on Assay Validation of High-Quality Markers for Clinical Studies in Cancer. Dr. Dey possesses a doctorate in Biochemistry with subsequent post-doctoral research experience at Lab of Pathology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health developing high-throughput molecular techniques to analyze human tissue samples. Dr. Dey joined Cancer Diagnosis Program in 2016 and is an experienced scientific program officer who has supported project management offices in both the DoD and NIH spaces.