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Cancer Diagnosis Program
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Last Updated: 11/23/15

Recommendations, Publications and Multimedia

As it strives to improve the diagnosis and assessment of cancer by effectively moving new scientific knowledge into clinical practice, the Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) authors Reports, Recommendations, and Publications in support of its aforementioned mission and makes them available to the public. In this section, you will find links to the most recent CDP products.

  • Recommendations
    As a part of its efforts to meet its mission, CDP and its staff produces and authors various recommendations and template documents which may be of interest and assistance to the wider diagnostics community. These recommendations and templates are released for public use and guidance as they become available.
  • Publications
    Scientific publications authored by CDP staff, as well as brochures and program materials produced by CDP in support of its mission can be found. These lists are kept up to date as new publications are published.
  • Multimedia
    A collection of educational material that has been designed by CDP to be informative and instructive. These materials are created on various platforms including videos, presentations, tutorials, etc.